Halloween/Hallowscream General Team 2016 Application Form

Well done for choosing the greatest place to work in Yorkshire!

Please read all sections carefully, and answer where required! Some of the information may mean you may not be able to apply.

Who we are looking for?

We are looking for happy, outgoing, fun loving, confident, engaging, caring and hardworking people to join our award winning team!

A bit about the jobs & what we expect from you

York Maze runs 2 events through the Halloween season.

We have a night time event run over 10 nights called “Hallowscream” which is aimed at teenagers and adults, and is made up of 5 different haunted houses. We have already found all the actors we need, but we need lots of help with tickets, food and drink, and generally helping run the event.

We also open as a family day out attraction throughout the Halloween half term. We have a stage show, pumpkin carving and lots of play activities going on, along with food and drink operations. We need help with all these activities in the daytimes.

We have a wide variety of jobs on offer, suiting people with all sorts of different skills. We are particularly keen to find people with skills that would lend themselves to working in customer facing roles and also people with an interest in food and service for our catering teams. Some of the types of jobs are listed below:

  • Retail and sales.
  • Food prep and service.
  • Play supervision.
  • Bar work.
  • Stewarding.

We have won loads of awards here at the maze, and mostly because we have great staff who enjoy their jobs!

If you feel you can help us be even more amazing, then we would love to hear from you.

You will need to be able to get to the maze, so please check where we are!

Pay is national minimum wage plus an allowance for holiday pay.

You will need to have an outgoing, happy personality! You will be meeting thousands of new people each day.

If you don’t like chatting to new people, please do not apply!

You will be the faces of York Maze; you are the most important part of the business. When people leave, it is you that they will remember; you have the chance to make their day fantastic.

We will give you the power to do this!!

At York Maze we have a set of core values that we believe in, and we believe they set us apart from other attractions. If these are not values that you hold dear, please do not apply!!

Our goal as an attraction is:

"To give every single visitor an a-mazing experience."

Our values are:

  1. Happiness & Laughter
    Have fun at work; share a laugh and a smile with your friends and visitors. If you are having fun the day will fly by!
  2. Honesty & Fairness
    Be honest and fair in all you do. If someone needs help, help them. If you need help say so. Do not cheat people to benefit yourself, do all you can to benefit others.
  3. Trust & Respect
    We trust in you to look after our visitors, you are the face of the business. Please respect them and treat them well. They pay your wages! Look after your collegues; we all need to work together to create a great attraction.
  4. Hard work & Focus
    Focus on the job you are doing, and work hard at it. Take pride in the job you are doing, be proud of our attraction, it is you that makes it. The visitors are your priority at all times, focus on them!

If this sounds like the sort of place you would like to work please fill in the application form below.

Please keep your answers brief.

There are no wrong or right answers, we just want to know a bit more about the type of person you are, and if and where you might fit into our team.

Please DO NOT be tempted to tell me what you think I want to hear, I want to know about the real you, so remember our values and be honest.

Your details


Age (Minimum 16):*

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Email Address:*

Which event would you like to apply for? We are more than happy for you to apply for either one, or both if you wish. (If you apply for both, you will be working a long day, with a break between shifts):

I am applying to work nights only.

I am applying to work days only.

I am applying to work both events.

Please tick to show your availability.

Hallowscream nights:

14th of October

15th of October

20th of October

21st of October

22nd of October

27th of October

28th of October

29th of October

30th of October

31st of October

We give priority to people that can work all the nights. You will be needed from 6PM ish through to 10 ish.

Halloween Days:

22nd of October

23rd of October

24th of October

25th of October

26th of October

27th of October

28th of October

29th of October

30th of October

We give priority to people that can work all the nights. You will be needed from 9:30AM ish through to 5:00PM ish.

Please tell me very briefly about your previous employment and/or Higher Education:*

Have you taken on any voluntary work or helped with any clubs/groups etc?*

What was the worst job you had and why?*

What was the best job you ever had and why?*

Do you have any till experience?*

Do you have any catering or hospitality experience? If so what?*

Would you enjoy helping in the Catering teams?*

Do you have any experience in drama or public speaking?*

How would you describe yourself in a sentence?*

What is your aim in life?*

Who or what inspires you?*

How do you feel about fancy dress parties and why?*

Have you worked with children before?*

Have you ever worked with your parents? If so how?*

Would you object if we carried out a C.R.B check on you?*

What are your hobbies?*

Are you creative? If so how?*

What are you brilliant at?*

Name 3 things in life you hate:*

Name 3 things in life you love:*

What music do you like?*

If you could be a cartoon character, what would you be and why?*

Email 2*:

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We always have a huge number of applications to work at The Maze, and unfortunately some of you will not be successful in your application. Please do not feel too dispondent if you don't make it through, the competition is fierce for the jobs, and we wish you all the luck finding a seasonal job!

For those of you that are successful in this stage of the application you will be invited to a group interview on the 8th October.

This is always a great fun event where you will have a chance to shine, and persuade me you are the ones to join the team.

Thanks for taking the time to apply.

Tom and The Maze Team.