Attractions: Active Fun

Time to burn off some some energy in our range of faster paced more physical attractions.

Sometimes you just want to go crazy and have fun - our range of active fun attractions will leave you tired but wanting more.

Race your friends round the Cobstacle Course, jump for joy on the Jumping Pillow, scale the straw bale mountain, pick your way through the climbing zone, and zoom down the Corn Snake Tower slides - phew!

Cobstacle Course

Kernel Kernel loves the Olympics, and has come up with his own sport involving his beloved maize plants……an obstacle course made from corn cobs, and of course he called it the “cobstacle course”

Race your friends around, over and under the cobs as you battle to win the race, it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before!

Jumping Pillow

Jump for joy on this huge inflatable trampoline, the pillow is run in sessions for different sizes, so the little ones can bounce about safely, and the bigger folks can go crazy!

Climbing Zone

Older kids can enjoy the challenge of our fantastic timber climbing zone, walk the moving “balance beams”, scramble across the cargo net and jump onto the pendulum swings.

Corn Snake Tower Slides.

Grab your mat and climb to the top of the Corn Snake Tower Slides, where three thrilling tube slides await. Will you be brave enough to take on the drop-slide - whooosh! There is also a more gentle slide for younger children.

Bale Mountain

Can you scale the heights of the giant bale pyramid?

Once on top you can get a bird’s eye view of all the attractions on site.