Attractions: Having a Laugh

Don't miss these amazing and unique family rides, shows and attractions, guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Step inside Kernel Kernel's house of Cornfusion and discover a world of gravity defying rooms, mirror mazes, shrinking corridors and puzzling illusions.

Meet the Crowbot 5000 in our new family show and have a laugh with the scarecrows on the Crowmania ride, but beware you may get wet on this ride!

You definitely will get wet if choose to play Water Wars! These fun attractions will uncover the inner child in us all. 

Kernel Kernel's House of Cornfusion

What will you find when you enter The Kernel's House of Cornfusion?

The Kernel invites you to enter his own little world where nothing is as it seems. Rooms magically begin to shrink, fall over and even turn upside down!

Crowmania 2 Ride

Farmer Tom has put a lot of time and effort into creating the maze, but those pesky crows just love eating the maize plants,can you help save the crop?

Jump on board one of our giant tractors and trailers and help the hopeless scarecrows keep the crows at bay.
There is fun and laughter along the ride, but watch out, the crows can fight back.


Angry Crows

Angry Crows is a game of catapult skill, as you aim to hit the target on your opponents booth with your water bombs. You can play 1 on 1, or in groups, the choice is yours.

If you score a direct hit, you will unleash the “depth charge” over your rivals, giving them a soaking they will never forget.


Pig Racing

Ready, steady, grunt……3 times a day we hold the famous“e-boar” race meeting. Choose your pig wisely and place your bets.Will it be “red runt” or the superb “desert porkid” that is on form??

You can buy a badge to support your pig. If fortune favours your pig you will be invited to receive a winners medal in the “weaners” enclosure. Let’s hope you don’t leave feeling disgruntled!!

Mazie and Willy's Get Lost Show - NEW for 2018

We have a brand NEW Stage Show under our new theatre tent, so you can settle down for a laugh, shaded from the scorching rays!!! Mad Mazie and her son, Willy Get Lost, will be hosting their crazy, fun filled show 4 times a day throughout the summer!