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Sat 16th July - Mon 5th Sept 2022

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York Maze is now closed. We re-open Sat 16 July 2022

York Maze is now closed. We re-open Sat 16 July 2022

Frequently Asked Questions

We've put together a handy FAQs page that gives lots of information about your visit.

Above all, please remember that York Maze is an outdoor attraction, and you will be walking around a field! Always wear suitable footwear, keep an eye on the weather and dress accordingly.

Rain can make the pathways sticky and hard work for pushchairs and wheelchairs - in heavy rain we may have to close some of the attractions.

1Do we need to book in advance?

Entry to York Maze is now ALL online. Tickets are not available on the gate. To enable us to manage visitor numbers there are a limited number of tickets available each day. Booking in advance will guarantee you the date you want. However if spaces are available you can book online on the day of your visit, even from your smartphone in the car park! See the Time & Prices page for details of the ticketing options available.


2Do I pay if I'm disabled?

York Maze is a farm based attraction with a large range of exciting things to see and do. Because many of these involve climbing, jumping, crawling and other physical activities, we do not feel it is fair to charge people full price to visit us if they can not enjoy everything to the full. For this reason we offer half price admission to anyone in receipt of disability living allowance  (DLA) or personal independence payment. (PIP) Please show proof that you are in receipt of either of these payments to receive your half price admission. Blue badges cannot be accepted. If you are in need of a full time carer, we offer 1/2 price for carers with proof of status.

3How accessible is the maze?

The site as a whole is suitable for pushchairs and wheelchairs. We have level access into the Kernel's coffee shop, and disabled toilets (with a very large disabled toilet down by Corn Central). The maize maze itself has paths made of compacted soil, so these paths are fine but can become muddy in places after rain. The bridges in the maze are not accessible, but you do not need to go on them to complete the maze. The Crowmania Tractor Trailer Ride is are all our shows. Unfortunately many of the other activities involve steps and/or physical activity, which means it is not possible to access them in a wheelchair. It is possible to leave pushchairs outside many of the attractions. 

4Can I get a discount?

You can save over 15% off the Standard Flexible price by booking the Advance Discount ticket. There are limited number of Advance Discount tickets available each day and whey they are gone they are gone. Advance Discount tickets are not flexible meaning you are committed to the date you book. Apart from half price entry for Disabled visitors and Essential Carers we do not offer any other special discounts.

5Can we buy a season pass?

I’m afraid not. For 2022 all tickets are now based on dated entry with limited numbers. We have simplified the ticket options to be just one ticket type and are not selling season passes this year. We know this will be a disappointment to visitors who enjoy visiting regularly during the summer but we hope you appreciate the constraints we are operating under. We will review the situation again next year.

6How do I change the date of my Standard Flexible Ticket

If you have bought a Standard Flexible ticket you can change the date of your booking. On the website click Book Tickets. In the top right hand corner next to the basket is a Sign In link. Enter the email address you used to book tickets this will take you to your account or if you checked out as guest will invite you to reset a password to create an account. You can then re-schedule your booking. You can change your booking as often as you like but you must do it by midnight the day before your booked day. There is a £2.00 re-booking fee (per booking not per ticket) and the date you want to move to is subject to availability.

7Are there any extras to pay for?

Once inside York Maze there are only a couple of extras to pay for if you want to. We have our mini coin operated 'Corn on the Quad' bikes (£1 a go) and coin operated remote Corntrolled boats (£1 a go). Please note we are now a cashless venue. If you don't have any £1 coins, you can use your Credit or Debit card to buy £1 tokens.

8Do children need to be supervised at York Maze?

We ask that children (under 16) are supervised by an adult whilst in York Maze. They cannot gain entry without an adult until they are 16+. Once inside there are some areas where the children are free to play without supervision but they must be accompanied by an adult in the giant maze. If you are unsure please ask a member of our team onsite.

9Is there parking on site?

There is a large free car park, however most of the parking is on grass and there is limited turning space which means that buses and coaches can not come on site. We have two large bus stops on the road outside that can be used for group drop-off and pick-up. If travelling from the York direction you are advised to go past York Maze and turn around so drop off is on the York Maze side of the road. If you need to ask any questions please call the office on: 01904 607341.

10Is there anywhere to get food or drinks?

We have Kernel's Coffee Shop and Kernel's Kitchen. Unlike many attractions, we won't compromise on our food quallity, we pride ourselves on trying to exceed expectations and we do!! There are plenty of picnic benches around for you to enjoy your own picnic if you wish.

11What do we have to do in the Maze?

At admissions you will be given a special challenge booklet you CORNplete around the maze. The aim is to visit all the towers in the maze in order. At each tower is a question, the answer is given at the next tower. If you CORNplete the maze and have answered the questions correctly you will have a secret code word revealed! Pop your booklet into the special area at the end of the maze to be entered into our prize draw CORNtest at the end of the season. GOOD LUCK!

12How long will it take?

You should allow about 1 - 1.5 hours to navigate your way around the maze itself. Then you should allow at least another three or four hours to enjoy all the other activities, attractions and shows on the site. It really is a whole day out.

13What if we get lost?

Getting 'lost' and finding your way to each of the towers is all part of the fun! However if you are lost lost we do have dedicated "searchers" patrolling the maze to help find lost souls! There are also quick exit routes around the maze that take you onto the grass that surrounds the maze, then you simply walk around to the meeting point at the top to be reunited with your party! The Challenge Booklet you get at the entrance includes a link to a plan of the maze so you can more easily navigate your way out.

14What do we need to wear?

It depends on the weather. If it has been raining heavily recently it may be sensible to wear boots or shoes that can cope with a little bit of mud. We also have a few activities where can get you wet, think about packing some spare clothes and a towel and maybe a change of shoes.

15Why are you only open for 7 weeks?

Maize is an annual crop, which means it grows from seed and matures and dies within one season. This means we plant it in May, cut the pathways in June, open once it is big enough to get lost in July, then we have to harvest it in September before it dies! Then we plough the field and start again with a new design the next year. Perhaps you could send us your designs to help us for next year?

16Are dogs welcome?

Dogs with their responsible owners are welcome but must be kept on a lead at ALL times.

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The Ivy Store

With a great range of maze related goodies to remind you of an amazing day out, the Ivy Store also sells gifts, garden ornaments, toys, and much more besides.

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Top Tips for Your Visit

Some of our top tips for you to make the most of your day with us at York Maze...

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Times & Prices 2022

2022 Tickets: Book Standard Flexible or Discounted Advance non-flexible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We've put together a handy FAQs page that gives lots of information about your visit. Above all, please remember that York Maze is an outdoor attraction, and you will be walking around a field!

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Our Covid-19 policy is based on current requirements

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Take the A64 to York and exit at the Grimston Bar roundabout (Hull A1079 and Bridlington). Take the exit for Hull then turn immediately right on the B1228 towards Elvington and the Air Museum.

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Opens Sat 16th July - Mon 5th Sept 2022

10am - 6.30pm (Last admission 3pm)