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York Maze is looking for happy, outgoing and CORNfident people to join our team this Halloween in a wide range of roles! 

Hallowscream for grown-ups runs for 18 nights between 13th October to 4th November from 6.30pm - 11.30pm.

Hallowtween is aimed at families with children aged 10-15yrs and runs afternoons during the October half term, Sat 28th to Tue 31st October, from 12.30pm until 5.30pm.

We are looking for happy, outgoing, fun loving and hardworking people to join our award winning team!! York Maze prides itself on its staff, and we try and do things a bit differently to other places. We believe you should be having fun at work, and this reflects through our whole ethos.

We believe York Maze has one job, and that is to...CREATE HAPPINESS!!

To help you achieve this we have a set of shared values that we ALL work to!

Our values are...

Happiness & Laughter

Have fun at work! York Maze is not a big corporate entity. Be yourselves, have a laugh with the visitors, tell jokes, take the mickey, be silly. Share a laugh and a smile with your friends and visitors. If you are having fun the day will fly by!!

Honesty & Fairness

Be honest and fair in all you do. If you can help somebody, do so. If something is not working right, speak up! If you're not happy, say so.

Trust & Respect

We trust in you to look after our visitors, you are the face of the business. Please respect our visitors and treat them well, they pay your wages! Look after you colleagues, and respect each other, we all need to work together to create a great attraction! 

Hard Work & Focus

Focus on the job you are doing, and work hard at it. You are being paid to work! The visitors are your priority at all times, give them ALL your attention.

Working by these shared values helps us exceed expectations!

Most people expect theme park staff to be disinterested kids who look like they would rather be somewhere else. We pride ourselves on our team being the opposite of that!! If you can do the 4 things above, people will really appreciate it, and they will share their happiness too!

We are looking for people to work in admissions, operations, hospitality and retail. No previous experience is necessary, we just need positive people, with a "corn do" attitude!! We are ideally looking for candidates aged 18+ but will also consider 16+.

Pay Rates (including holiday pay) are:

  • £6.50/hr - Under 18 yrs
  • £8.50/hr - 18 to 20 yrs  
  • £11.50/hr - 21 to 22 yrs  
  • £12.00/hr - 23 yrs & over

There is no public transport to York Maze, so you will need to be able to get here, (it’s a 20 min cycle ride from Uni campus). If getting here is going to be an issue, please don't let that stop you from for applying, there may be solutions we can discuss.

You will need to have an outgoing, happy personality! You will be meeting thousands of new people each day. If you don’t like chatting to new people, please do not apply!

You will need to be adaptable and willing to muck-in where needed. Everyone is part of the team that delivers exceptional customer service, so you may be working managing the attraction queue lines one minute and cleaning down tables the next. 

If this sounds like the sort of place you would like to work please fill in the application form below.

There are no wrong or right answers, we just want to know a bit more about the type of person you are, and if and where you might fit into our team!

Please keep your answers brief and please read all sections carefully, and answer where required!

This Application form is for general jobs working our Halloween events, if you are interested in Scare ActingMake-up Artist or being a Hallowscream Dancer there are separate application forms to complete.

Your Details


Age (Minimum 16)*


Mobile Number:*

Email address*

How will you get to York Maze?

Which areas would you be interested in working?

We need staff to work in Admissions (welcoming visitors and checking them in online), Visitor Services (managing the attraction queue lines and keeping the site clean and tidy), Hospitality (working in one of our catering outlets/bars). Tick all that you would be happy working in.


Visitor Services


Please tick your availability for working Hallowscream nights and Hallowtween afternoons from the lists below:

We give priority to people that can work most afternoons and/or evenings, but will still consider all applications, even if you are only available for some nights/afternoons. Full working hours will be confirmed with your job offer.

Hallowscream nights approx 6pm-11.30pm:

Fri 13th Oct

Sat14th Oct

Sun 15th Oct

Wed 18th Oct

Thur 19th Oct

Fri 20th Oct

Sat 21st Oct

Sun 22nd Oct

Tue 24th Oct

Wed 25th Oct

Thur 26th Oct

Fri 27th Oct

Sat 28th Oct

Sun 29th Oct

Mon 30th Oct

Tue 31st Oct

Fri 3rd Nov

Sat 4th Nov

Hallowtween afternoons, approx 12pm - 5.30pm:

Sat 28th Oct

Sun 29th Oct

Mon 30th Oct

Tue 31st Oct

Availability additional information - if you wish to give more specific details about your availability add it here

Please tell me very briefly about your previous employment and/or Higher Education:

Have you taken on any voluntary work or helped with any clubs/groups etc?

What was the worst job you had and why?

What was the best job you ever had and why?

Do you have any till experience? If so what

Do you have any catering or hospitality experience? If so what?

How would you describe yourself in a sentence?

How do you feel about fancy dress parties and why?

Have you ever worked with your parents? If so how?

Would you object if we carried out a DBS check on you?

What are your hobbies?

If you could be a cartoon character, what would you be and why?

Where did you see this job opportunity? (eg. Indeed,, social media, university careers page)

Email 2*:

* required fields

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